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20 Oct 2015

Paleo Challenge

ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE? Welcome to our 2015-16 Paleo Challenge.  We will be having a 3 month Paleo challenge, starting on the November 16th and ending on the 16th of February. YES it will run during the holidays, but don’t worry you will be entitled to have a couple holiday celebratory cheats. The first week of the challenge will have 2 benchmark […]

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22 Nov 2012

Seven Shades of Paleo

Robb Wolf,  October 24th, 2012.   There’s an episode of The Simpsons that Paul McCartney guest stars on and there’s a scene that goes something like this – Paul McCartney and Lisa are talking and Lisa tells Paul that she’s a vegetarian and she’s thinking about becoming a vegan; to which Paul replies, “I’m a level seven vegan.  I don’t […]

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28 Apr 2012

Tomato Okra Chicken on Rice

            INGREDIENTS: – 1lbs Okra                                        – Can of diced Tomoto – 1 onion  chopped                        – 2 cloves of garlic – 1 chopped red pepper   […]

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