And the Results are in!!! CrossFit Fortis was well represented on the podium!!!!! Elise with a big win in her first competition, and Tammy finishing 3rd, while Liana and Kathie tied for 4th for the Scaled devision Great Job Girls. For the men’s scaled we got Corey cramping up the 1st place spot, pushing through the finals WOD with a severe Quad Cramp. Great Job Corey, good push. Nat did an amazing job throughout the day and had to perform not 1 but 2 tie-breaker wods for second place in the women’s Rx devision. She just missed it by 1 rep!!! Atta girl Nat, your a machine doing 6 WODs today. And for the mens Rx, a great top 5 finish for Dan. CrossFit Fortis would like to congratulate everyone that competed today, we represented well, not only on the podium but with presence; we had the best showing of athletes there today with 12. All and all a great day. Great job athletes and would like to say, I dont want to see you at the box until wednesday lol