There used to be a myth that younger baseball pitchers should not throw curve balls because it was thought that it caused more strain on the shoulder joint.  After extensive research it was found that it wasn’t the type of pitch that caused a strain on the shoulder but it was the amount of pitches made.  This is true as long as the proper biomechanics and neuromuscular control is used.  So now what is causing these shoulder pains and injuries in pitchers?  The answer is the amount of pitches.  Here is the recommended maximum amount of pitches by age:

11-12 year olds – 85 pitches/day
9-10 year olds – 75 pitches/day
Also it is recommended to:
-take a break of months from overhead throwing and competitive pitching
-100 inning annual limit
-avoiding radar guns
-barring pitchers from playing catcher


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