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Is CrossFit Kids safe for my child?

Yes!  There is a wealth of scientific literature that supports the claim that strength and conditioning is not only safe but beneficial for growing children.  To be clear, we’re not talking about max lifts or pushing kids to exhaustion.  Our first order of business is safety, and we focus on proper form.  With the younger kids, we oftentimes don’t ask them to use weights at all.  CrossFit Kids teaches the children the proper way to move to safely build strength.  There also exists a strong correlation between physical activity and increased cognitive functions which is why it is strongly encouraged to do some homework right after the class.


*Important Safety Note: Start slow!  Yes, we want the kids to work hard, but we never demand children to work harder or faster during a workout.  This is a critically important point.  With children, we always privilege good movement over speed.  When children move well consistently over time, they will eventually move faster safely.


How can CrossFit Kids classes benefit my child?

CrossFit Kids focuses on a child’s motor and cognitive skills by teaching proper movement in an interactive and fun group setting through challenging the children to think about their movement, count their repetitions, remember the sequences, and work toward a goal.  CrossFit Kids supplements a child or teen’s involvement in sports by incorporating strength training and conditioning to make our CrossFit Kids athletes better athletes at any sport.  In addition to increasing their fitness and athleticism, CrossFit Kids instills a lifelong definition of health and positive body image, reverses prevalent health issues such as obesity, protects against injury, creates a community of like-minded individuals, hones life skills such as focus, perseverance, dedications, motivation, and goal setting.

The goal of CrossFit Kids is to provide the knowledge, ability, and skills which will allow our youth to grow and mature instilled with the virtues of an active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.


What can I do as a parent?

CrossFit Fortis encourages parents to support their children, stay and spectate from the sidelines, cheer, participate in adult CrossFit classes, help their children maintain consistency in CrossFit Kids attendance, and provide healthy meals at home and for school.  We do not want to tell our children that they are going on a diet; we want to make sure that they know what is healthy and what proportion is ideal.  The parents are welcomed to look at the paleo diet books to understand a little more of why we eat this way.


What is inappropriate behavior for parents?

Generally, we would like parents to resist the urge to interrupt a class or counter our training expertise.  Behavior we would like parents to avoid includes but is not limited to the following: shouting cues to children, encouraging rivalry and competition, encouraging risky behavior, encouraging bad form, encouraging heavier weights, choosing weights, arguing with coaches during class, stealing child’s attention and focus, interrupting class, infringing upon class space, bringing children late to class or pulling them out early (exception: emergency situation), criticism of children or coaches, overriding a coaches’ decision or bringing sick kids to a class.  CrossFit Kids should be a fun experience for kids and their parents, so we want to keep it that way!


What is inappropriate behavior for children?

Generally, we would like children to maintain self control and not act against the coaches’ instructions.  Inappropriate behavior for children includes but is not limited to : inappropriately distracting others during class, not listening to the coaches’ instructions, disobeying coaches’ instructions, disrespecting others, disrespecting equipment, creating a dangerous environment for self and others, criticising others, or acting without own or other children’s safety in mind.  CrossFit Kids should be fun, so we want to keep it that way for everyone!