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There are 3 levels based on age and ability.  It is the head coach that will determine in which level your child will attend.


Preschool Classes (ages 3-5)

This class runs for 30 minutes

In this class we focus on building their core strength, and learning proper functional movements.  Class is not based on intensity, more on proper technique, and individual attention to each child is in a high priority.  Our biggest challenge for this age is a short attention span; therefore classes are based on games and making fitness fun for them.


Kids Classes (ages 6-12)

This class runs for 45 minutes

This class is based on making fitness fun!  This is an appropriate class for children who have the ability to follow directions, and be attentive in a large class setting.  Class is based on intensity, proper techniques and some loaded movements.  We focus on building physical competence in all 10 fitness domains by incorporating fast moving class structure.


Teen Classes (ages 12-17)

This class runs for 1 hour

This class focuses on making fitness fun, however in a more serious nature.  Teens like to be taken seriously; therefore classes are similarly run to adult classes.  Teens also have more adult based problems for example flexibility therefore we include mobility work.  As their bodies continue to grow we are presented with challenges that are different to the adult population, therefore proper supervision is exercises, and technique is hard pressed.  We focus on building physical competence in all 10 fitness domains, by incorporating a fast moving class structure.