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We offer a variety of classes here at CrossFit Fortis.



Constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity. The CrossFit class focuses on the Workout of the Day (WOD) as posted by CrossFit Fortis. The WODs are scaled and modified to each athlete”s level and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with good form and proper technique. The movements include squats, presses, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, snatches, pull-ups and any other exercises to make the workout as efficient as possible.


The olympic lifting class will provide athletes with work on their technique in the olympic lifts. Classes will include drills to improve the lifts and work on increasing strength and power as well as performing the lifts themselves. Plus… its fun to throw around heavy weight!


CrossFit Striking Fran? CrossFit Striking Helen? This new exclusive class at CrossFit Fortis will add rotational power and speed to your existing workouts – giving you a fighter’s level of fitness! Boxing, kettlebells, pull-ups, roundhouse kicks, sprawls, hooks, jabs, box jumps, palm strikes, double unders, push press, sprints, elbow blows, deadlifts, front kicks…and so much more!

This class follows the same structure of a normal CrossFit class with a warm up, skill & drills and then finishes with a WOD that will utilize your entire body and new muscles will be used!

CrossFit Striking is non-contact so you won’t be punching anyone in the face but you can bet that you will be punching bags – hard! This is why fighters are some of the most well conditioned and powerful athletes in the world. Bring a friend and try this new and exciting class!


Competency at the regular classes must be demonstrated to an authorized CrossFit Fortis coach, before graduating to the these classes.   These classes offer an infinite combination of exercises creating higher intensity and skill level to attain an advanced fitness level. This class is for athletes wishing to compete in events throughout the year.  Muscle-ups, kips, toes-2-bar, box jumps, wall balls, rope climbs with all foundation movements are just the tip of the iceberg for targeting the ten generic components of fitness during any WOD (Workout of the day) at CrossFit Fortis.


Every Saturday at 11:00 a.m.,  CrossFit Fortis is offering a free a one hour introductory class.  The first 20 people to sign up online will be guaranteed a spot for the class.  The sessions will give you an introduction to the movements,  the intensity and the friendly atmosphere CrossFit Fortis has to offer. CrossFit Fortis is certain that after your experience at this class, you will be motivated to join the CrossFit Fortis community by becoming a member and changing your life.