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Physiotherapy is a health care professional who is primarily concerned with the remediation of dysfunctions and disabilities in order to promote mobility, functional ability and quality of life.  This process is done with a thorough evaluation of the soft tissue and bone in order to determine the dysfunctional or affected areas.  Once this is determined, the physiotherapist and yourself will determine the best course of action for decreasing pain and increasing function.  The treatments usually consists of manual therapy, modalities such as the TENS and ultrasound, a home exercise program and education on your current condition to help the healing and the strengthening process and also to prevent its re-occurrence.

Who needs physiotherapy?

Everyone does!  We were not made to sit all the time but our society is now always or often sitting which creates weak muscles, changes  in our muscles patterns and can essentially create pain.  We can also get hurt while doing any sort of activity causing pain or have decided that the pain that we currently feel must be normal.  Instead of wondering if your pain is normal and live with it, come in for an assessment, and see if physiotherapy is a nice fit for you.

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