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Here are frequetly asked questions answered:

  1. “Do I need a doctor’s referral to come to physiotherapy?”
    It is not necessary to have a doctor’s referral in order to receive physiotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, if you have extended health care benefits, you are usually required to have one in order to claim the treatments. Please call your extended health care benefits company to find out if you need one or not.
  2. “How long are my appointments?”
    The initial assessment is approximately 1 hour long and the follow-up appointments are approximately 30 minutes.
  3. “What should I expect on my first visit?”
    On the first visit if the documents are not already filled out, you will start with those. Afterwards, the physiotherapis will do the subjective part of the assessment. This is when we discuss your current problems in order to understand your reason for the visit. Then, you will be asked to move to verify mobility and strength and determine the affected structures. Depending on the condition, different tests will be administered to determine your source of pain or discomfort. Lastly, the physiotherapist will explain what is determined to be causing your pain and the steps that we will take in order to increase your quality of life and return to normal function.
  4. “What should I expect on my follow-up visits?”
    On follow-up visits, the treatment plan discussed will be applied. It is very important to bring clothing that reveals the injured area in order for the area to be worked on.
  5. “Do I need to bring anything to my appointments?”
    On the first visit, please bring in your referral – if you have one, documentation, already filled out, and appropriate clothing. Please wear clothing that allows the physiotherapist to expose the body part for which treatment is required. Ideally for lower body injuries you will have shorts or jogging/yoga pants and for upper body, a tank top if you are uncomfortable removing your shirt.
  6. “Do I need to go to the clinic on the referral sheet/recommended by my doctor?”
    Doctors may recommend a clinic or use referral pads from a certain clinic but physiotherapy is a service and you are free to choose your own provider. You must ensure that you find a therapist who provides a service with which you feel comfortable.
  7. “What are my payment options?”
    You may pay by cash, cheque, debit or credit at our facility. Payment is required at the end of each appointment.
  8. “Do you do direct billing?”
    Unfortunately we do not directly bill insurance companies for physiotherapy treatments for the exception of members of the RCMP, Veteran’s Affairs or Canadian Forces.
  9. “Are you covered under OHIP?”
    Unfortunately we are not covered under OHIP. The waiting period for OHIP clinics is usually approximately 3 months, which typically increases the pain as you may aggravate your injury by waiting for treatment while adapting faulty movement patterns. Here are some locations that are covered by OHIP:

    Family Physio: Bank and Heron Wellness Centre 1596 Bank; 613-521-9800
    Family Physio: Westgate Wellness Centre 1309 Carling avenue, suite 12; 613-715-9000