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When booking for physiotherapy, there are two types of appointments; assessments and follow-ups.

Assessment (90$): This is the appointment type for your first visit to the physiotherapist in order to evaluate and determine the cause of your pain, discomfort or other. It usually lasts approximately 1 hour. This type of appointment will also be used after 6 months of inactivity (to the physiotherapists discretion) and for every new injury.

Follow-ups (70$): This appointment type is for every visit following the assessment which lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Fees need to be confirmed before the assessment.

Billing – Extended Health Care Benefits

At the end of each visit, you are required to pay for the service. You will receive an official receipt that you can send to your health care benefit provider to be reimbursed. You will need to send the receipt to your health care benefits provider in order to be reimbursed.

Depending on the company and the plan, extended health care benefits vary a lot. Please call your provider in order to know your coverage.

Billing – Without Extended Health Care Benefits

At the end of each session, you are required to pay by either cash, cheque, debit, or credit card. You will also receive a receipt and you can declare it on your taxes.

RCMP, Veteran`s Affairs and Canadian Forces – Blue Cross

We directly bill Blue Cross at the end of the month for the services used. If any balance is not covered, you are required to pay the difference.

Billing –  Motor Vehicle Accidents (car accidents)

If you have an extended health care plan that covers physiotherapy, motor vehicle insurance companies requires that you claim through that plan first.  Any remaining balances are then covered by your motor vehicle insurance plan.

If you do not have an extended health care plan that covers physiotherapy, then your motor vehicle insurance plan will cover the costs to a determined maximum.
The physiotherapist will be taking care of the billing throughout your coverage.

Billing for WSIB

Unfortunately, we do not accept billing from WSIB.  If you got injured at work and are paying through your extended health care benefits then we are happy to treat you.

If you have any questions regarding physiotherapy services, please feel free to email us at