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During your initial assessment, you will go through a thorough examination:

Verbal examination This is where questions will be asked about the onset of pain and how it has evolved.  There will be questions what aggravates or relieves the pain, if any diagnostic tests were performed, etc.

Physical examination  This is where the physiotherapist will look at the joints, the muscles, the nerves, the ligaments, etc.  This will allow the physiotherapist to determine the source of the pain, dysfunction, and the affected parts.

Education and treatment planning  This is where the physiotherapist will explain the sources and possible causes of pain.  An elaborate plan will then be established/discussed in order to get you back to your optimal level.

The whole process will take approximately 1 hour.  There will also be some time for you to ask questions about your condition or the treatment plan discussed.

Have questions? You might find the answer on our FAQ page.