CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that is based on a constantly varied, high intensity of a variety of functional movements with the goal of improving total fitness. Functional movements are movements that we use in our day to day things like squatting to sit on a chair, deadlifting to pick an object off the floor or the push press to put something away in a high cupboard to show you a few.  These are movements that are essential to be functional for the rest of your life.  The goal of CrossFit is to be ready for anything and everything that can be thrown at you.

Every day we warm-up and activate the body, work on a certain skill or movement then tackle the WOD or Workout Of the Day as posted by CrossFit Fortis. The WODs are scaled and modified to each athlete’s level and performed at the highest intensity that the individual can sustain with good form and proper technique.

Workouts are generally of short in nature  and intense.  These workouts are a combination of multiple movements such as running, rowing, skipping rope, climbing ropes, weightlifting, bodyweight exercises and carrying odd objects.  A variety of equipment can also be used such as barbells, gymnastic rings, pull-up bars, medicine balls and kettlebells.  The combination of the different movements and exercises creates the WOD which stands for the workout of the day.  This WOD is performed by everyone and can be modified (or scaled) according to your strength and abilities.  Each WOD in every individual class is performed in a competitive environment but everyone will be cheering until the very last person is done.

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We now offer fun, functional fitness classes for kids of all ages. Get them started on the right track right away.

We offer group classes in a supervised environment that are geared specifically to the needs, capabilities and safety of each age group. They can engage in functional, fun workouts and games that help teach strength, agility, coordination, team work and more. This gives them a wide base to tackle any sport or activity they play or encounter.

We have CrossFit Kids classes Saturday mornings and Teen classes throughout the week. Contact us for more details.

This class runs for 30 minutes

In this class we focus on building their core strength, and learning proper functional movements.  Class is not based on intensity, more on proper technique, and individual attention to each child is in a high priority.  Our biggest challenge for this age is a short attention span; therefore classes are based on games and making fitness fun for them.

This class runs for 45 minutes

This class is based on making fitness fun!  This is an appropriate class for children who have the ability to follow directions, and be attentive in a large class setting.  Class is based on intensity, proper techniques and some loaded movements.  We focus on building physical competence in all 10 fitness domains by incorporating fast moving class structure.

This class runs for 1 hour

This class focuses on making fitness fun, however in a more serious nature.  Teens like to be taken seriously; therefore classes are similarly run to adult classes.  Teens also have more adult based problems for example flexibility therefore we include mobility work.  As their bodies continue to grow we are presented with challenges that are different to the adult population, therefore proper supervision is exercises, and technique is hard pressed.  We focus on building physical competence in all 10 fitness domains, by incorporating a fast moving class structure.



We offer 1-on-1 Training with our experienced, personable coaches. Whether it’s goal specific, coming back from an injury or just getting started, we can tailor the sessions to your needs. Some people can find it more comfortable and easier to focus in a one-on-one setting. We still apply the CrossFit mantra of “Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity,” to provide a safe but challenging environment. 1-on-1 Training can be booked around your schedule and is available seven days a week. Various packages available upon request.

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Shred FIIT is a twice a week Boot Camp providing Functional Intense Interval Training in a high paced, fun environment. This coach led class will get maximum results in a fast paced 45 minute class.
Shred FIIT is a separate membership and program from our CrossFit memberships.



Our on-site Nutritionist will help guide you through all the conflicting dietary info out there these days and ensure you meet your goals with a personalized nutrition plan.


The burden of never trying is far heavier than any barbell ever will be.

Please arrive at class a minimum of 10 minutes before so you are ready to go when the class starts.

Personal Training:  

  • No refunds on personal training sessions and packages. Sessions may be transferable at the discretion of CrossFit Fortis.
  • Any sessions cancelled with less than 24 hour notification or no-showed are charged and forfeited.

Boot Camps:

  • Once a particular boot camp has begun, no refunds will be processed.
  • Missed boot camp classes are forfeited.


  • 24 hour notice of cancellation is required.
  • Any sessions cancelled with less than 24 hour notification or no-showed are charged and forfeited.

CrossFit classes:

  • Any no-shows are
  • –  Forfeited
  • –  Penalty of 50 burpees during next visit
  • If unable to attend a scheduled class, unschedule from the class by notifying CrossFit Fortis via online scheduling or by telephone to allow clients on waiting list to attend.
  • 20% of  membership fee to be charged for early cancellation of membership.


  • No Refunds on any competition registrations past the deadline.
  • Transfer of registration to another party is permitted.


No refunds, exchanges only.

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