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Dan coach at CrossFit Fortis



As the heart and soul behind CrossFit Fortis, Dan not only leads as the Owner but also inspires as a Coach. With a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certification and additional qualifications in Weightlifting and Aerobic Capacity, Dan’s lifelong journey as an athlete and coach fuels his passion for guiding others to success. His commitment to the community he’s built is evident in every class he leads, every interaction he has, and in the success stories of those he coaches.

Derek coach at CrossFit Fortis



Derek stands out as a Coach and Personal Trainer at Fortis, bringing a wealth of knowledge with his CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certification, expertise in Weightlifting, and extensive experience in Powerlifting. Known for being the hardest worker in any room, Derek’s dedication to the success of Fortis members and his clients is unmatched. His willingness to go the extra mile for everyone’s fitness journey makes him a pivotal figure in the Fortis family, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards for excellence.




With a CrossFit Level 2 certification, a degree in Kinesiology, and extensive experience in rehab and proper movement patterns, D’arcy is not just a coach; he’s a dynamo of energy and expertise. His classes are more than workouts; they’re fun-filled experiences where every member is engaged and motivated. D’arcy’s passion for fitness and his ability to manage a class make him a beloved figure at CrossFit Fortis.

Eve coach at CrossFit Fortis



Despite being one of our youngest coaches, Eve commands the room with her attention to detail and strategic coaching methods. Her commitment to helping members achieve greatness is evident in her enthusiastic participation in all things Fortis. Practicing what she preaches, Eve incorporates everything she knows into her own training, making her a true embodiment of the Fortis spirit.




Patrick, affectionately known as Patty, is a dedicated CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics. He is set to begin his Master’s in Human Kinetics this fall. Though new to CrossFit, Patty brings a wealth of experience from various fitness and coaching roles. He has notably served as a strength coach for both the men’s and women’s hockey teams at the University of Ottawa.

Patty’s passion lies in helping individuals surpass their own expectations and achieve their fitness goals. His commitment to excellence and personal growth makes him a valued member of the CrossFit Fortis team, where he inspires and motivates clients of all ages to push their limits and reach new heights.

Stephanie coach at CrossFit Fortis


Kids and Teens Coach

Steph, our Kids and Teens Coach, sets an active example not just for the young members at CrossFit Fortis but for her daughters too. With a gentle approach that resonates well with children, she fosters a love for fitness from an early age. As our resident Nutrition Coach, Stephanie is dedicated to stabilizing nutritional needs, ensuring a healthier lifestyle for all our members.

Jerome coach at CrossFit Fortis



As a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer with additional certifications in Weightlifting, Jerome brings his long-standing athletic drive to his coaching. His determination to see members improve and succeed is palpable in every session, making him a pivotal figure in the Fortis coaching team.

Jon coach at CrossFit Fortis



Level 1 Coach at CrossFit Fortis, is deeply committed to making sure every member experiences the best hour of their day during his sessions. His dedication extends to the Silver Strong program, where he delivers exceptional coaching tailored to the seniors’ group, ensuring their fitness journey is both impactful and enjoyable. Jon’s unique background as a massage therapist enriches his coaching, allowing him to apply his extensive knowledge of human physiology towards helping members develop proper movement patterns. His approach ensures that exercise remains pain-free and enjoyable for everyone.

Christine coach at CrossFit Fortis


Kids Coach

Christine shines at CrossFit Fortis as a dedicated Kids Coach, where she believes that fun is not just an activity, but the cornerstone of every class she leads. Her vibrant energy and creative approach ensure that every young member looks forward to their fitness journey with excitement and joy. Beyond the play, Christine is also a passionate Nutrition Coach, guiding members with enthusiasm and expertise. She helps them focus on their nutritional habits, paving the way for remarkable successes in achieving their fitness goals.

Chantal coach at CrossFit Fortis



From a young age, Chantal has been immersed in the world of ballet, figure skating, and synchro figure skating, competing both nationally and internationally. Joining CrossFit Fortis in 2015, she found the challenge and diversity she sought in fitness. Working in surgical sales, she’s reminded daily of the importance of health and fitness. Chantal’s passion for coaching and teaching shines through in every class, inspiring members to push their limits and grow together.

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