“Pick it up. Just pick it up. Stop staring at it and pick it up…..”

We’ve all had those moments mid-wod where we question our sanity, our life choices and our desire to keep going. It’d be a whole lot easier to quit. To not pick that bar back up, to just sit here while the time slowly ran out. To just stand up and walk out the door, maybe never come back.

In ten minutes you’ll be done and the pain will subside regardless of whether you push through or not so why not push and not have to live with any regret or second guessing. Give it all you have in the time you have and the rest will take care of itself.

What you need to cling to in those tough, defining moments is your why. Why are you here? Why do you come in every day? Why do you want to work hard? Be better? Keep moving? You need to find that why and you need to keep an image of that in your head for those times you really need it.

You want to lose a few pounds. You want to set an example for your kids. You want to be able to play with your kids. You want to get stronger. You want to look good with your shirt off. You want to wear that bikini again. You want to go to the CrossFit Games. You want to beat your buddy. You want to a better person. You want to prove someone wrong. You want to push your limits.

If you’ve seen the Reebok Be More Human ads, there are a few lines that really sum it up. “We don’t flip tires to be better tire flippers. We do it to be better. Period.” “Better Leaders. Better parents. Better, stronger, more determined humans, capable of anything.”

When we push ourselves, we not only transform our bodies, we transform our entire lives. If you can push through those uncomfortable moments in here, imagine what you can do out there. Those limits that used to be set in stone now seem to be washed away in the sand. Lines are blurred and goals that used to seem insurmountable are now long past in your rearview mirror with newer, shinier, loftier ones waiting for you to speed past.

Find your why. It’s the fuel you need for this journey. Keep it handy, top of mind, ready for those moments here and there when you really need it.