Leslie’s Journey

“I started my CrossFit journey April 2018. My goals were to become more fit and build strength. Early on, I saw some successes, but wasn’t making any impressive gains in my strength.

I started seeing Fortis Nutritionist Janet Salazar in August of 2018. She worked with my goal of gaining muscle and strength and guided my nutrition to help me achieve these goals. I started seeing improvements in my performance at the gym..reaching new personal bests in weightlifting work, improved strength for the gymnastic work ie. handstand push-ups, pull-ups.

I started noticing that my body composition was changing to a more muscular physique that I had always wanted..and never thought was possible.

With Janet’s nutrition guidance and support, I am the healthiest, happiest, fittest and most self confident I have ever been. I have gained so much knowledge about the best foods to fuel my body to help me continue to achieve the goals I set for myself.

This year I am looking forward to a beach vacation where I will be wearing a bikini with confidence for the first time in my 44 years!”


Leslie took control of her own destiny and ensured she was on the right path to success by working on her fitness weaknesses one on one with Coach Paula and by dialling in her nutrition with Coach Janet. Janet has her actually eating more food to fuel her performance, at times over 2600 calories a day proving that less isn’t always more when it comes to your diet. Leslie’s tireless work ethic and attention to detail in classes have put the cherry on top of this amazing success story. Keep killing it Leslie.👊🏻

We want you to succeed as much as you want to. Sometimes more. Help us make sure you’re on the right track in the gym and out by sitting down and discussing which plans and programs make the most sense for your goals and let’s get started.

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