Mel’s Making Moves

“I resisted consulting a nutritionist for a long time, thinking I could lose weight and reach my goals on my own – I’d done it before years ago.

Finally, I faced the truth that whatever I was doing myself wasn’t working and, when Crossfit Fortis began offering nutritional services, I knew it was time to try something new. Working with Janet has helped me so much, identifying my main struggles and obstacles and giving me new perspectives and strategies to reach my goals.

Since I started working with Janet, I’ve had so many wins – not only in terms of numbers on the scale, but in behaviours as well: being able to eat just two Timbits instead of 10, leaving food on the plate when I feel full, and of course…fitting into my old jeans!

Working with Janet also hasn’t been only about losing weight, but doing it safely all the while making sure my performance in the gym doesn’t suffer. With this personalized service and the help of the rest of the coaching team at Fortis, I was able to get advice on targeted exercises in addition to the daily WODs in order to reach my goals faster. With the weight loos, I’ve noticed quite an improvement in my performance, particularly with pull-ups, burpees and box jumps. It makes sense when you think about it…imagine carrying around a 40lbs dumbbell on your shoulders weighing you down while trying to do these movements! With the help of Janet and the whole Fortis team, I’ve been able to shrug off that dumbbell!”

Mel R.

Mel’s a rockstar. Taking control of her nutrition is just one of many wins for her. 👏🏻 We want you to succeed as much as you want to. Sometimes more.
Help us make sure you’re on the right track in the gym and out. Fitness and Health are not one size fits all. Let’s sit down and discuss what programs and plans make the most sense for you.

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