No Sweat Intro

How do I start CrossFit?

The first thing we do with anyone interested in trying us out is sit down for a free “No Sweat Intro”. What the heck is a No Sweat Intro you may ask? It’s an initial, free “get to know you” meeting. Almost like a first date.
We sit down and get to know you. What are your problems and what are your goals. We then discuss the possible solutions we have to offer and show you around. Show you how a class works. Show you how we work.

No hard sell.
No sales pitch.
No freebies if you sign now.

We don’t just throw you to the wolves day one and hope for the best. We want to set you up to succeed from the moment you walk in and one class isn’t going to give you a scope of what CrossFit fully entails. You need a couple weeks under your belt to get a taste for “constantly varied” programming, movements and classes. That’s why we have no contracts at all. Try us out for a couple weeks and if for some reason, it’s not for you, no worries. Ideally though, we’d like you to give us 24 hours. After 24 classes (approximately 8 weeks if you’re coming minimum 3 times a week) you’ll not only have gotten the hang of a lot of the movements and the terminology, you’ll also have started a routine. Engaged and bonded with classmates and started to see some progress and results. The ball has started rolling and there is no stopping it now.

First step though is in the door for your No Sweat Intro.

Fitness isn’t “one size fits all.” What works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. We want you to be on the best path towards your goals.

Whatever they may be.
Get up off the couch. ✔️
Be able to play with your kids.✔️
Perform better in your sport.✔️
Live a healthier lifestyle.✔️
Compete in CrossFit.✔️
Develop better movement patterns.✔️
Get stronger.✔️
Whatever they are.

You’re the main character of your story. Not us. We’re here for you. We need to hear what you need before we get started. Let our experienced Coaches, Personal Trainers and Nutritionist help you write your story.

Book a free, no obligation “No Sweat Intro” with us now to sit down and discuss what you need and what you’re looking for. Let us get to know each other and see if there’s a fit here with us.

You can book your No Sweat Intro now at or you can email [email protected]