Should I do The Open this year?

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To Open or not to Open.
That is the question.

In a regular year we centre a lot of what we do around the Crossfit Games Open. The Open is the largest participatory sporting event in the world.Members at Affiliates around the world take part in what is usually 5 weeks of Workouts designed to test where they’re at in comparison to themselves and their peers worldwide. These Workouts create a virtual worldwide leaderboard and the tip of the spear from this leaderboard advance to the next stage of qualifications for the Crossfit Games while allowing everyone else the opportunity to push themselves a little and to compare their own progress to years past. It really is an ultimate Community experience. 

We’ve always taken it a step further and created our own Fortis Intramural, making teams and having everyone in on Friday’s for Friday Night Lights to create an unbelievable atmosphere. There are points for PR’s, Team Spirit, Attendance and more so the actual scores on the events themselves aren’t the only focus. It’s always been geared to pushing yourselves outside of your comfort zone with the support of your Fortis Family. At the end of the day, the leaderboard itself has been almost secondary.

In a regular year, we’ve really pushed and encouraged people to take part in the Crossfit Games Open, to try it out, even if they were unsure or nervous. We knew what you all were capable of and were confident that we’d been preparing you all for it. Whether you knew or believed it or not.We knew the community aspect was so powerful that it would fuel and drive people to places they weren’t sure they could get to.

This year? 
We’re not sure. 
To be honest, we’re not really sure.
That’s strange to think, and even stranger to say out loud.

In a year unlike any other. In a year with more questions than answers. In a year that’s been filled with so much uncertainty and stress, both mental and physical. In a year where survival has trumped growth in many cases. In a year where we’ve spent more time away or outside of the gym than actually in it, is it naive of us to think everything should just be the same as it always is? In a year where every individual’s personal situation,  journey and struggle has been so unique to them, is it irresponsible of us to say this is for everyone?

We’re just not sure.

The Crossfit Games Open, like Crossfit in general is for anyone. We firmly and 100% believe that. 
But the fact is, this year, the Open might not be for everyone.

For those who don’t want to add yet another stressor to the pile this year, we support you. For those who are in no matter what and live for this stuff, we support you. For those who don’t like any form of competition, friendly or not, regardless, we support you. For those who are sad it won’t be like years past, but still want to give it a shot, we support you. For those who are on the fence, let’s talk it out. We support you. For those who have never participated before and want to learn more, we’re here and we support you. For those who don’t care about any of this, we support you. For those who are up for anything, we support you.
The underlying theme and takeaway here is We’re Here For You. No matter what.

If you’re in, we’re here to make it work for you, however that looks this year. If you’re out, we’re here to keep helping you work on your physical and mental health and well being. 

As Coaches, our focus is to get you from Point A to Point B as safely, effectively, efficiently and productively as possible. To help you reach your goals whatever they might entail. To put you on the path to long term success.
As Coaches we modify workouts based on your needs. We offer progressions based on your abilities. We scale the load or stimulus to keep you safe. We work with you individually as fitness, health and well being don’t have “one size fits all” solutions.

In this particular instance, we don’t 100% know what’s best for you, in your unique circumstances and headspace. Only you can make that call. What we can do though,is face whatever it is with you. Together.