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Grab Your WIN.

We all love to show up to the gym feeling energized, pumped and excited to attack a lift or a workout to then hit a PR or get a really great score on the WOD.  But for most of us, that’s the exception, not the norm. 

Many days, we’re all just trying to squeeze in that one hour into already packed schedules, with to-do lists and other worries on our minds. Some days, getting to the gym is the biggest battle. Maybe we’ve got so many things to do we feel guilty taking that time for ourselves. We might not feel very energetic that day, or our bodies feel beat up from the week’s workouts, or maybe we’re feeling “off” mentally and the idea of having to grind through a tough workout is just too much.  

The good news is: that’s normal.  We’re all human, trying to keep up with life, do our best and stay healthy. On those days, the best thing you can do is focus on one “win”.  It could very well be just showing up.  You might drag your feet through the entire WOD, but you showed up, and you moved.  That’s a win.  Or maybe your focus won’t be on crushing every single thing in the workout, focusing instead on perfect technique for one particular movement, telling yourself: “Every single one of my snatches will be perfect today”.  Even if it means taking a bit more time, scaling the weight and lowering the intensity. Another win might be as simple as not looking at the clock. If a long chipper feels overwhelming, focus on one step, one movement at a time without looking at the clock, knowing that time will inevitably pass, you will get through it, and you’ll feel great that you did. 

Even on those days where the stars align, you’ve had enough sleep, food and rest and you are primed for a great hour of fitness, choose a “win”, a specific goal for yourself, and focus your entire hour on that one thing. It could be working on technique, doing something that intimidates you, keeping a pace that’s challenging, or it could even be mindset – not looking for perfection, but rather being ok with “failure” because it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.  You’ll find much more gratification, because the reward will be driven from the inside.

You control your “win”, so no matter what kind of day you’re having, you get to win this hour.

Grab your wins, where you can, when you can and soon they become consistent, and bigger, and soon you’re not only grabbing wins, you’re just winning.

Coach Mel