Episode 1: Getting Started

Well, not that we actually like hearing the sounds of our own voices but here is our first crack at a CrossFit Fortis Podcast. We’re always trying to think of ways to keep the lines of communication between us and our members as open and varied as possible and we hope this is yet another way to do that. To bring some transparency and perspective on decisions, upcoming events and past or ongoing changes at the box. We hope this can develop into something beneficial and productive not only for us to get our message out to our members but also to deliver to you any information you feel you’d have interest in or need. This can really become anything you all want it to at any time. Go easy on us as it’s our first time and the nervousness and awkwardness was palpable. We’ll get better. Mechanics. Consistency. Then Quality. We’re working with a PVC to start here but we’ll move up to a barbell as we move along.